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Spice it Up!

Updated: May 15, 2022

Reclaim your Playfulness, Presence and Passion.

If you want more romance, YOU be more romantic. If you want more sexiness, YOU be more sexy. It sounds simple but in the day to day of careers, kids, and meals we have to take time for each other. YOU Start.

If you want to get your partners attention, throw something at them, be fun, be playful, be spontaneous.

The discipline here is a commitment to daily intimacy. Kiss for at least 6 seconds in the morning, pull each other in tight. That will get things going, then head off to work. Repeat again when you get home and see each other again. The lingering smolder is very powerful.

That is just one tip. Not just date night once a week but date 30 minutes every night to cuddle, kiss, reconnect and share. Explore possibilities with your partner. When you trust each other enough to say that nothing we do or try is wrong; then you free yourselves to spice up your passion.

For more information and to book a jumpstart your love life call. Click on this link and book a 15 min chat. I cannot wait to meet you!

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