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New Year Here We Go Again!

Well, the New Year is upon us.🍾 What was 2022 like for you? CoVID still hanging around, other viruses, inflation, gas prices finally came down some, . What about you? your family? Time to reflect what good things happened? write them down. What do you want to change? what no longer serves you? (Could be people, job, bad habits, mental stress) Write it all down and get it out in front of you on paper. Family members and your partner too. Let's talk about self care. I know, I know the term may be getting overused. It's not just a spa day with the gals, It's not just a Yoga session. It's a way of life; of focusing on you and what natters the most to you. Family, children , partner, community, cause, and your self.😍 The phrase I don't have time or It's for weenies or the weak may come to mind.😖The ones of us with the least time and thinking it's for weenies need self care the most. You , my friends, will end up with or already have physical health issues because you are neglecting your mental health.👎 So, when you write your plan for 2023. Yes, write✏️ your plan and goals, vision and dreams for 2023. Make sure to include your self care plan and how your wellness and well being effects you and those close to you. For some examples of self care plans drop a YES! in the comments.

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