• Kathy Houston

Change your morning routine Change your life

I wanted to share something that has made a profound difference in my morning, my day, my week and my life. The Morning Miracle. ( they have a website) 6 steps to a mindful, meaningful and grateful start to every day. SAVERS acronym. S = silence/ meditation set my intention for the day. Set timer on your phone for 10 min.

A= Affirmations I am committed to… specific activities, specific time frame.

V = visualization see myself from the outside looking in on enjoying the activities. E=Exercise 7 minute workouts on youtube R= Reading- 10 pages a day in one book about what you want

S=Scribing or journaling. 5 minutes journal app

Nothing new here however, putting it all together into one morning ritual makes all the difference. More energy, more focus, more purpose , more happiness, more gratitude.

Try it and let me know how it impacts your life.

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